What is psychotherapy? It is essentially a deeply attuned conversation that aims to help you understand and resolve your challenges. Psychotherapeutic conversation happens within the space of a trusting relationship. This allows the process of revelation, exploration, understanding, and resolution to flourish. Feeling understood creates an experience of security, which nurtures a unique mind-body-being exploration, as well as self-awareness and the possibility of making peace with your world.

My approach is fundamentally ‘insight-oriented’ and is grounded in relational depth. This compassionate, attuned space helps you understand what you think, feel and do and why.

Insight-oriented therapy helps you better understand yourself and your life through ‘connecting the dots’. You will be helped to understand how patterns that are repeated in adult life actually originate in your formative years. Over time this self-knowledge leads to greater self-knowledge, self-compassion and freedom to make better choices. The better you know yourself, the better life will feel. Relational depth happens when people meet at a very deep level. We feel totally tuned in and we experience true connection. It is a sense of safety, engagement and deep togetherness. Relational depth brings us back into the heart of what is most meaningful for us. 

Counselling is an accepting, trusting, and safe empathic relationship. Within this relationship, you will be supported to meet, express, and accept your most challenging feelings and thoughts. You will develop the courage and self-confidence to integrate what you have discovered and to make the necessary changes that serve you.

Counselling helps:

  • to clarify what is important to you in your life
  • to discover and tap into your inner resources
  • in the exploration of feelings, thoughts, sensations and meanings 
  • by offering support at times of crisis
  • by offering support during phases of development and transition
  • to meet within a compassionate space ‘stuck’ issues — including the integration of childhood experiences
  • to discover resolution of problems

About Nic Higham

Nic Higham is a nonduality author, certified counsellor and life coach based in Leicester, UK. He has over ten years of experience working for the NHS (National Health Service) in mental health inpatient care and therapy services and has worked as a mindfulness tutor at an NHS recovery college in Leicester. He has previously worked for a social justice charity leading a number of mental health service improvement schemes designed to enhance the lives and autonomy of marginalised social groups.

  • Level 4 Higher National Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Counselling
  • Certified Results Life Coach
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Neurological Re-patterning
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Level 3 Certificate In Counselling Skills
  • Foundation Course in Groupwork (Group Analysis / Group Analytic Psychotherapy)
  • Member of the spirituality and private practice divisions of BACP
  • Individual Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • Georgi Y Johnson Nondual Therapy and Spiritual Psychology Training