Professional Private Counselling 

Please read this agreement before attending your

This counselling agreement provides an overview of what you can expect from the counselling service provided. The following document forms the agreement between counsellor and client.

My aim is that you will experience:

  • an empathic, attuned relationship in which we will relate well 
  • I will stick closely to the your problems
  • you will feel free to say what you like with no judgment 
  • you will experience an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence
  • you will assume an active role and I will follow you
  • you will always have the freedom to make your own choices
  • I will accept the feelings that you express
  • a tolerant and compassionate atmosphere 
  • you will feel really understood

What is expected from you:

  • To arrive on time for sessions.
  • Please give at least 24 hours' notice if you are unable to make your appointment and I will happily refund you. Otherwise, missed appointments without 24 hours' notice will need to be paid for and cannot be refunded. Thanks for your understanding.
  • To notify the counsellor of any change in circumstances or any planned holidays.
  • To pay for counselling sessions via online secure payment (before appointments) or card reader (during appointments).
  • Do not attend sessions under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


In order for me to work ethically within the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy guidelines I am required to receive regular supervision in which I will need to discuss client work with my supervisor, this is to ensure that all clients receive a good standard of practice and care. No identifying material will be discussed and these conversations are also bound by a strict code of confidentiality.

Anonymity will be observed at all times.

Your attendance, sessions and personal details are confidential. Disclosure is only made to my supervisor, to a third party (for example your GP) with your permission, or as required by law. I am legally bound to make a disclosure to the police authorities if a client reveals that they are intending to cause serious risk of harm to themselves or others.


I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I work within and bound by the BACP ‘Ethical Framework for Counsellors’. Information relating to this document can be found at

The counselling service provided is committed to offering good practice providing a safe, consistent, therapeutic environment for all clients. Insurance cover includes personal indemnity and public liability.

Your Data:

As your therapist your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is one of my highest priorities. I am collecting your information in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and as a member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) I am bound by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice. This privacy notice details my GDPR Policy.

The content of material discussed during counselling sessions will be kept strictly confidential between counsellor and client. Brief notes will be taken after each session to document the work and progress within counselling, these notes will be short and factual for my use only. You will not be identified in these records and they will stay on the premises in a secure locked cabinet and destroyed after 7 years.

I am both the Data Controller and the Data Processor for the information I store about you. I am a registered Data Controller and Data Processor and abide by the regulations imposed by such procedures.I store your name, address, telephone number, email address and any information that you provide in an encrypted server or a locked filing cabinet at my office address. Session notes are also stored in the same way. As a requirement of my insurance, notes are kept for a period of 7 years, after we have ended our work, and are then securely destroyed. Any emails or text messages will be deleted after receipt unless they form part of your notes or are needed for income tax purposes, in which case they will be kept for 7 years as above. Your telephone number will be stored on my mobile phone until your sessions have ended at which point it will be deleted. If I change telephone then your details will be deleted on the old phone. I will use your contact details to engage in my work with you, including contacting you about appointments.

I will not use them for any purpose other than:

- If for any reason I am asked to provide a report of the sessions, e.g. at your request. In this case, the report will be sent to you via an encrypted email server for your approval.
- If I am subpoenaed by a court of law.
- If you disclose the risk of harm to yourself or to someone else.

You have the right to request, either verbally or in writing, to see any information that I hold about you and I must provide this to you within one month of the request. You also have the right to ask me to change any information that I hold which is incorrect and to ask me to delete any information that I hold about you. I will do this except for any information I need to hold for legal purposes such as business tax purposes. If you have any further concerns, which are not addressed, then you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). I will report any data breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office, to BACP and to you within 72 hours if it becomes apparent that any data is stolen.

CCTV is in place in the garden of my property for security purposes. You may be recorded as you enter the driveway to the house and walk down the side of the house to my therapy room. I only keep the images for as long as necessary to meet the purpose of recording them. I am the only individual who sees the recordings and security is in place to prevent anyone else accessing them. Any images captured during the day are erased at the end of each day. The system is only used for the purpose it was intended for. I make regular checks to ensure the procedures are followed. Anyone can ask to see images that I've recorded of them. I must provide these within 1 calendar month. I may need to disclose CCTV images for legal reasons - for example, crime detection. Once I have given the images to another organisation, then that organisation must adhere to the Data Protection Act in their handling of the images.